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1-Which development model is closely associated with Agile project management?与222题相似

A. static model

B. starfish model

C. evolutionary delivery model

D. lifecycle model

2-what is a disadvantage of the traditional three-tier architecture model when east west traffic between different pods must go through the distribution and core layers?与139相似

A. low bandwidth

B. security

C. scalability

✓D. high latency

3- According to the CIA triad principles for network security design, which principle should be priority for a Zero Trust network?

✓A. requirement for data-in-motion encryption and 2FA authentication

B. requirement for data-at-rest encryption for user identification within the VPN termination hardware

C. categorization of systems, data , and enterprise BYOD assets that are connected to network zones based on individual privacy needs.

D. Ensuring that authorized users have high-availability system access from defined zones to defined systems or ones.

4- In search of a system capable of hosting , monitoring compiling. and testing code in an automated way , what can be recommended to the organization?

✓A. Jenkins

B. Ansible

C. Perl

D. Chef

5- which two advantages of using DWDM over traditional optical networks are true? (choose two)

A. Inherent topology flexibility and service protection provided without penalty through

Intelligent oversubscription of bandwidth reservation

✓B. ability to expand bandwidth over existing optical Infrastructure.

✓C. inherent topology flexibility with built-in service protection

D. inherent topology flexibility with intelligent chromatic dispersion

E. inherent topology flexibility with a service protection provided through a direct integration with an upper layer protocol.

6- Which two statements describe the usage of the IS-IS overload bit technique? (choose tow)

✓A. If overload-bit is set on a Level 2 intermediate system, the other Level 2 intermediate systems in the topology will stop using the overloaded IS to froward Level 2 traffic However, the intermediate system can still forward Level 1 traffic

B. It can be set in intermediate systems(IS-IS routers) to prioritize control plane CSNP packets.

C. It can be used to automatically synchronize the link-state database between Level 1 intermediate systems.

✓D. It can be set in intermediate systems (IS-IS routers) to avoid traffic black holes until routing protocols are fully converged after a reload operation.

E. It can be set in intermediate systems (IS-IS routers) to attract transit traffic from other intermediate systems.