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One Pass CCIE in Singapore Examination Center

发布日期:2024-07-02 浏览次数:363 来源:WOLF(沃尔夫)实验室

One Pass CCIE in Singapore Examination Center

What I did before

- Working in NOC Team, troubleshooting any network related outages/requests


How I found Wolf-lab

- Colleague recommended


My feelings when studying at Wolf-lab

- Great because Wolf's teacher will answer any of your doubts and questions.

- Throughly videos provided by Wolf for all subjects related to the exam.

- Teacher teaching in the videos have real life working as they are able to provide examples of current "well-known" network designs.


The process and rack of preparing for the CCIE exam at Wolf-lab

- Process and instructions are well documented.

- Rack usage is great if you're in China.

- Rack usage overseas might have to be subjected to your internet connectivity

- Rack usage is smooth once all devices boot up.

- Rack rarely have any bugs, even if there is,we can always just wipe it and restart it and the issue will be resolved on it's own.


The teacher's guidance before the CCIE exam

- Great, teacher tells you what you should or should not do.

- Reminds you of certain things to ensure you are able to pass (E.g. Check pre-configuration, after configuration, check scenario, troubleshooting).


- Relief that I passed the exam in one try under Wolf-lab.